Grey goose rating

grey goose rating

That is a matter of opinion, yet if you're looking for a quality vodka that is reliable and at a decent price, then Grey Goose is an excellent option. Very disappointed in Grey Goose, as well as the Orange flavor. I found it bold and harsh. My tongue prefers Cosmos, Fris or Vox. This seems very over- rated. Crystal-clear and pure. Nose is unabashedly smoky in the first nosings; aeration smoothes it out as fetching aromas of mint, harvested grain. grey goose rating


Cheap Vs. Expensive Vodka Taste Test Was this review helpful to you? With 15 minutes until the tournament was to re-start, I ran to Wal-Mart I detest Wal-Mart, btwand was disappointed to find that the best they had to offer was Grey Goose. Definitely not my favorite. Jason Reply Published February 16, 5: Hi, I started to read these reviews after my girlfriend asked me to pick up a bottle of Grey Goose for her and I chose a different brand recommended by a very knowledgeable manager at a very larger liquor retailer.

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I really don't get all of the hate on this. Reply Published September 13, 7: If you want some great vodka try Sobieski or Svedka. No votes have been submitted yet for this review. I've loved vodka for over 40 years and I've never seen so much terrible hype in an over rated and over priced batch of mashed potatoes. Top Rated Aromatics Aromatics Bitters Vermouth.

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Grey goose rating I was supprised at how smooth and sweet it. Perfect for the fear of flavor Vodka Bots. Sign in to comment. I am completely unbiased. Honestly, between the price, harshness, and flavor, this is one of my least favorite alcohols. Though I had generally selected Ketel One in restaurants for vodka martinis if nothing better was available, Keno orakel am finding myself choosing Grey Goose again lately.
Grey goose rating It's smooth, delicious, has no burning aftertaste and there are only a few vodkas that I would drink straight - Goose being top 2. You could, however, compare it to Stoli or Smirnoff for a much more popular brand. Much of the enjoyment of spirits and cocktails comes from learning einbruch spiele your own palate and so it is good to see the brand working with consumers to create individually tailored cocktails through their Taste by Appointment campaign. Grey Goose belongs in the upper-middle shelf or the lower-upper shelf, not the top shelf. Rich, Svedka is more well known, costs about the same as Sobieski, and has a very clean flavor.


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