Snooker break rules

snooker break rules

Realise that there is no requirement in the rules for ensuring that all reds are touching in the triangle. In fact, you shouldn't try to make them all touch, because. Das Wort Break hat im Snooker zwei Bedeutungen: Es ist maximal möglich, Punkte in einem Break zu erzielen, wenn zu jedem  ‎ Foul · ‎ Free Ball · ‎ Kombination (Plant) · ‎ Miss. "Note: when a player, while breaking off, misses all balls, this is a foul. But in contrast to the main rule no miss is called. However, the referee.

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Table and Room Size Guide. Hendry giving up his advantage would be akin to a footballer skying an illegitimate penalty — to be applauded, but never expected. That, probably, would leave your opponent with a fairly easy opening red. Geschieht dies, so ist das ein Foul. Cue Ball after Jumping off the Table: A frame begins with setting up the balls as described above.


How To Break In Snooker Note that "best attempt" here has a couple of elements. During this phase, when potted, the colours stay down and are not replaced on the table, unless a foul is made when potting the colour, in which case the colour is respotted. For every red ball potted, the player will receive 1 point. If the cue ball is obstructed by more than one ball, the one nearest to the cue ball is the effective snookering ball. This can prevent the score difference from decreasing too much, at the discretion of the referee.


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